Apart from all the controversy surrounding MC Pipokinha In the last few weeks, Funkeira has used the social networks Nessa Quarta-Feira (3/15) to apologize for being debauched by the teacher’s salary. To MC, who has seven shows canceled after the negative repercussions on his work, he published a video stating that it was “misinterpreted”.

“Hail, people! Pay attention… First of all, I wanted to apologize to all of you and to the teachers. I was misinterpreted hair or what falei. If they feel offended with me, but I apologize”, Pipokinha began.

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“I was suffering many attacks, that we did not see in the media [não foram expostos], then I don’t heat the emotion I did right here. But at no time do you want to offend the teachers. It was not my intention. This is it, family, I hope you understand!”, he concluded.

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Controversies involving MC Pipokinha

In the last week, MC Pipokinha started to revolt the social networks to the point of destroying two professors. Everything starts with a message from a friend, sent by meio da caixinha de preguntas da funkeira on Instagram. “I argued with my minha professor for her cause. I don’t like anyone talking bullshit about you. Send beijo”, write to the follower.

The singer, then, responded with irony: “She [professora] I fear the power to roll over you, to do it, you will not pass the year. She fears the power to take you homework, she doesn’t fight with her teacher because of me”, Pipokinha pointed out.

And continued the deboche: “My dance is R$ 70 thousand, 30 minutes on top of the stage, I won R$ 70 thousand. She doesn’t earn R$ 5 thousand being a teacher, sometimes. I’m afraid to study a lot, don’t argue with her”.

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