On March 15, 2023, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine had the merit of unleashing passions by orchestrating a new number of “C à vous”. And for good reason, the host had the honor of welcoming Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler who are currently promoting the second part of the film. “Murder Mystery” soon available on Netflix. On screen, the two stars take on – once again – the role of the Spritz couple.

In the first film, their characters were invited to a family reunion on billionaire Malcolm Quince’s glitzy yacht. Unfortunately, their host ended up murdered… A twist which is also the heart of the plot. On March 2, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine invited Dany Boon, who is also part of the cast, to deliver on the second salvo of this film project.

Obviously, the French actor had the merit of seducing Jennifer Aniston at all levels. “Everyone adores him”, confided the ex-wife of Brad Pitt. Same story concerning Mélanie Laurent who also had the chance to give him the reply in the film: “Mélanie is beautiful, she is a superb actress. I will even say ‘yes’ to him for another thread. She’s so wonderful and kind.” In any case, the day after his appearance on the set of “C à vous”, the American star and his colleagues caused a sensation at the preview of “Murder Mystery 2” organized in Paris, at the Debilly footbridge near the Seine and not far from the Eiffel Tower please!

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A surprise demonstration organized at Concorde

Dressed to the nines, Jennifer Aniston, Mélanie Laurent, Dany Boon or even Adam Sandler took pleasure in posing in front of the photographers or conversing with their fans. But not far from them at Place de la Concorde more exactly, the atmosphere was very different… See particularly electric. And for good reason that same day, thousands of people gathered there to protest against the triggering of article 49.3 to enact the new pension reform.

If the demonstration started calmly, damage and tensions were quickly noted by the police and journalists present on the spot. As pointed out The worldwater cannons were also used to disperse protesters. “217 people” would also have been arrested. A real chaos that made the A of the media and which certainly did not leave Dany Boon and the rest of the team unmoved…


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