ABC was left with the definition by penalties and went to the Third Phase by defeating Vasco 6 5. As for the visit, Rafael Silva, Raphael Luz, Afonso, Alemão Teixeira, Wálber and Wellington Reis were right, while Walfrido missed his execution. Jair, Miranda, Nenê, José Luis Rodríguez and Léo converted for the locals and Pedro Raúl and Luca Orellano missed.

Simão Bertelli was the figure of the party. The ABC goalkeeper was fundamental for stopping 4 shots.

Another relevant player in the match was José Luis Rodríguez. Vasco da Gama’s defender was important for throwing 2 balls outside the danger area.

The process of the match was very close and intense, with more nerves than play. There were a large number of cautions: Márcio Azevedo, Simão Bertelli, Lucas Pitón, Maurício Barbieri, Daniel and Richardson.

Vasco’s technical director, Maurício Nogueira Barbieri, proposed a 4-5-1 strategy with Léo Jardim in goal; José Luis Rodríguez, Manuel Capasso, Léo and Lucas Pitón on the defensive line; Jair, Andrey Santos, Gabriel Pec, Alex Teixeira and Marlon Santos in the middle; and Pedro Raúl in attack.

For their part, those led by Fernando Marchiori Lavagnolli stopped with a 5-4-1 scheme with Simão Bertelli under the three sticks; Alemão Teixeira, Afonso, Walfrido, Richardson and Márcio Azevedo in defense; Paulinho Moccelin, Daniel, Wellington Reis and Raphael Luz in midfield; and Felipe Garcia up front.

The referee Paulo Zanovelli da Silva was selected to carry out the actions of the game.

ABC left Vasco on penalties and advanced to the Third Phase of Brazil – Copa Brasil 2023.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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