On February 23, Marie Garet called for help by sending a most disturbing message to youtubeur Sam Zirah. While she resumed her nursing profession and now leads a life far from the spotlight, the pretty blonde declared that she was threatened with death and victim of racketeering. A few days later, she explained that she was under the influence of her violent companion.

“I’m scared of being beaten up, I’m scared of dying. One of my ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriends was confined to a chair for 72 hours, completely naked and she was able to escape when he got away. is asleep. So there is no exaggeration” she explained before adding: “The prosecutor was seized. It took me a long time to want to file a complaint. I had a behavior, in a first time, where I pretended to be crazy, an unbalanced girl, to protect my ex-companion. Until the day when I understood that I needed to rebuild myself” confessed the young woman.

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Marie Garet in love and happy
It was then the mother of the former reality TV candidate who took the floor to ensure that her daughter “is doing well” and that she is now “freed from three years of domestic violence”. Internet users are therefore currently surprised to discover that, for a few days, the one who had won the fifth edition of “Secret Story”, appears with a young man who seems to be his new darling.

More in love than ever, Marie Garet does not hesitate to write a few ambiguous hashtags, namely: “My love”, “Thank you life”, “You were not mistaken”, “Your jealousies were founded”, or even “To force to want to divide us, you brought us closer”. On another snapshot dated March 2, 2023, Marie Garet also announces to these subscribers, to present to them her “new happiness”. It is therefore difficult to understand if Marie Garet has found love again in a few days or if it is an old conquest…


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