This Thursday March 16, 2023, Géraldine Maillet was the guest of Buzz TV. An opportunity for the journalist to ask a question about the speakers of Do not touch My TV to the columnist. “Does it sometimes shock you that Cyril Hanouna gives the floor to conspirators? There is an association, Les Papillons, of which he was a sponsor, which asked him to leave and of which he is no longer the sponsor. Is -Does it sometimes shock you to see the people he receives, you say to yourself ‘oh no, we’re not going to receive that one tonight…'”he asked.

To which Géraldine Maillet replied: “I think these people have a voice on social networks, YouTube channels, … So in the end, they express themselves freely.” An explanation that obviously did not convince his interlocutor who believes that certain personalities invited to the set of the famous C8 show have no place in the show.

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“It’s no problem for me”

Far from sharing her point of view, the columnist and companion of Daniel Riolo, then added: “If you consider that he talks nonsense and that he is a conspirator, he discredits himself by coming to TPMP because he is even more, for you, perched, burlesque and he has even more of a fart in his helmet. If there’s a contradiction, I don’t have any problem with that. If it’s a kind of propaganda where we’re not allowed to speak, that’s less acceptable. But I have the impression that overall, on a lot of themes like the vaccine, the health pass and all that, I think I was pretty spearheaded. To put an end to the debate.


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