Last September, incidents erupted in Marseille between supporters of Eintracht Frankfurt and OM, with smoke bombs exchanged between stands and a seriously injured Frankfurt supporter. This Wednesday evening, it was in Naples that fans of the German club clashed with the Italian police, before the match of the knockout stages of the Champions League.

Hundreds of ultras, hooded and dressed in black, launched projectiles and smoke bombs at police officers who responded with tear gas, according to images broadcast by Italian media. A police car caught fire.

This violence, concentrated in a square in the historic center of the city, occurs when the supporters of the German club are deprived of tickets for this meeting, after a ping-pong between the Italian authorities and the club, against a backdrop of risks of unrest in public order.

Fans under UEFA surveillance

Despite this context, at least 600 German supporters made the trip to Naples without tickets, according to the media.

Eintracht and its supporters have been under close surveillance by UEFA since last season, following the invasion of the pitch and the use of pyrotechnic devices in its Waldstadion, after qualifying for the final of the Europa League against West Ham in May.

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