The young woman detailed everything about the break with her ex-fiancé

Tammy Parra She is one of the most prominent influencers in TikTok and recently it became a trend because her boyfriend Omar Núñez proposed to her in Paris after several years together. However, although everything seemed to be going smoothly, shortly after the couple posted the news on their social networks, rumors began to emerge that her fiancé was unfaithful to her.

At this, the young spoke publicly on March 15 and forcefully announced that he decided to end their relationship, since he was not going to prioritize a man, no matter how much he wanted to, over his mental health.

These comments quickly went viral and, although thousands of people supported the model and applauded her determination, the renowned half meter He came out to give his opinion made misogynistic comments towards Tammy.

It was through your account Twitterwhere the man who disguises himself as Chavo del 8 to dance in sonideros hinted that, from his perspective, the influencer would have mounted the entire controversy just to achieve public notoriety.


“Obviously Tammy Parra He is making a show of everything that happened. He wanted a trip to Paris, he got it and now he does this to have views and another travel sponsor ”, it reads.

As expected, Internet users reacted and did not hesitate to lash out at Medio Metro and assure him that if he kept saying things out of place, nobody would remember him soon.

“A dog talking about another dog, soon you will be forgotten”. “Wey, what a shit you get into all the controversies to see if they answer you and be a novelty again, what a bear dog hahahahahaha”. “It’s funny and as you say, it gets in to see if someone takes it into account, it’s out of style and I’m over it.” “Wey, stop wanting to make a controversy with all the people, nobody peels them, nobody answers them, I doubt very much that someone wants to make a controversy with you, more with you pinch * playboy,stop taking advantage of yourself”are some of the mentions.


After a woman released some videos showing evidence that Tammy Parra’s fiancé was allegedly unfaithful to her, the influencer appeared on her networks to give her point of view and stop speculation.

“We all know what is happening at this moment, but I did not want to say anything about it until I was sure, just as I made my relationship public, they have the right to know what will happen: with the pain of the world I decided to end my relationship, I am a woman who does not need anyone, much less a man,” he said in a tiktok.

Likewise, Parra delved into the fact that she was not willing to stay with a man who had betrayed her in this way, even though she had strong feelings for that person.

“Life is a roller coaster, sometimes you can be up and sometimes very low, it hurts because I thought I knew this person (Omar Núñez)but I am left with the peace of mind that I gave my 100%, my loyalty and my respect, I am still in shock at how a man can forget his partner, “he said in the recording of just over two minutes.

Supposed conversations were spread in which her fiancé would have been unfaithful

Many of Tammy’s friends expressed their support and affection: “Every day I admire you more! You are the strongest and most beautiful woman I know, everything will be fine. I love you. And you deserve the best in the world. I’ll wait for you here.” “You deserve the best in the world! I send you a hug and offer you my support for whatever you need”.

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