This Tuesday, March 14, 2023, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine announced with joy the arrival of actress Jennifer Aniston on her set: “On Wednesday evening, exclusively, Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler will be the exceptional guests of “C à vous” at the occasion of the release of the film “Murder Mystery 2. See you Wednesday, from 7 p.m., on France 5”.

The famous 54-year-old American actress is currently promoting the second installment of “Murder Mystery 2”, a detective comedy in which she plays Audrey Spritz, a detective who works with her husband Nick (Adam Sandler). They take us on their new adventures when they have just launched their own agency and find themselves at the center of an international investigation with Paris as its epicenter…

Under the spell of the two actors, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine asked Adam Sandler why the whole world loves Jennifer Aniston so much. The actor then replied with great kindness: “Jennifer is really someone very authentic, magnificent, intelligent… When I walk around with her, there is not a single person who notices me, everyone looks at this beautiful woman!”

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Jennifer Aniston criticized for her physical appearance
Against all expectations, viewers preferred to comment on the appearance of Brad Pitt’s ex-wife who does not look her age: “This obsession with cosmetic surgery is a disaster…”, “She no longer looks like anything”, “Not a success, cosmetic surgery!”, “Botox damage”, “She no longer has any expression” can we read in reaction to the sequence on the show’s Twitter account.
In 2011, Jennifer Aniston admitted to InStyle magazine that she had had rhinoplasty at the start of her career: “If I had a nose operation, it was to put my nasal septum back in line and help me breathe better. Now I breathe much better and at night I sleep like a baby” she assured.
At the time, the actress said she was totally against injections and was sorry for women who resorted to the famous injections: When I see them, my heart hurts. I’m like, ‘God, if only you knew how much older you look. They try to stop the passage of time, and we feel how much they lack confidence in themselves. I don’t judge people, but sometimes I would like to beg those I know who are about to do so not to touch their face.” she threw. Would Jennifer Aniston have changed her mind and succumbed in turn?


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