simone I went through a shocking situation to give an interview for Rádio Massa FM, the host ratinho. A two radioistas slept during the bate-papo with the singer. Chicão, as it is known, cochilou as an ex-dupla of Yes Maria falava de sua nova trabalho music.

“Sleep”, says it to the listener or barulho do hoarse do homem. Upon discovering what happened, Ratinho spoke on social networks: “It’s not possible! Chicão dormiu enquanto a darling Simone falava… por amor de Deus”.

“Everyone knows someone who sleeps not at work”, the presenter jumped. We comment on the post, Internet users will have fun with the publication.

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“I don’t judge, there’s a phase in life that people sleep while sitting down,” wrote an Internet user. “Or more legal is to see that Simone doesn’t do mi-mi-mi. She raised boas ”, said another. “Half-day, after lunch, everyone feels that dream, né Chicão?”, jumped a third person.

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