Indeci forecasts moderate rains

The National Institute of Civil Defense forecasts moderate rains throughout the department of Lima at night. Given this, he asked citizens to protect themselves from the weather phenomenon.


Images of Punta Hermosa after new huaico

Nuevo Huaico surprises the residents of Punta Hermosa
Nuevo Huaico surprises the residents of Punta Hermosa Photo: Dissemination
Nuevo Huaico surprises the residents of Punta Hermosa
Nuevo Huaico surprises the residents of Punta Hermosa. Photo: Diffusion




15 streams were activated by rains in Ica

In Ica, some 15 streams would have been activated, we have San Juan de Yánac, Chavín, San Pedro de Huacarpana (Chincha) between Huáncano and Huaytará, (Pisco), Capillas, Tambillo, Ayavi. In Palpa on the Rio Grande in the part of the Viscas river, Santa Cruz and in Nasca on the El Ingenio river and others.

Chaclacayo: destroyed houses, impassable roads and thousands of victims of the fall of the huaicos.
People risked their lives by walking over the standing water, as the authorities did not take quick action. (Andina/Vidal Tarqui)

Orange alert in the Piura river

According to the latest report from COER Piura, from the Eguiguren bridge, a flow of 1427 m3/s is registered, at the Pte. Sánchez Cerro station, thus maintaining the orange alert.

COER report on the situation of the Piura River.

Bus headed to Motupe fails to cross the river and turns over

Bus from the Emtrafesa company failed to pass the strong flow that has formed between Jayanca and Motupe. Three people were rescued, including a minor. Carriers are asked to take security measures.

Bus tries to cross the river and flips over.

Images of what the Moche River looks like after overflowing

The Moche River overflowed its banks, affecting several surrounding communities. Despair grows because help does not arrive, less food or food. The most damaged are the children.

This is what the overflow of the Moche River looks like.This is what the overflow of the Moche River looks like.

Residents of the Santa Isabel de Morrope hamlet tearfully ask for support

They have lost everything and in their despair they tearfully ask that the authorities can help them because they have lost everything, after the river overflowed and took everything in its path.

Homes affected in Wichanzao, La Esperanza, in La Libertad, due to the ingress of mud.
Homes affected in Wichanzao, La Esperanza, in La Libertad, due to the ingress of mud. (Andean)

Flooded Chiclayo Model Market

Completely flooded, this is what the 14 block of Juan Cuglievan street looks like, an area adjacent to the Modelo de Chiclayo market which is affecting hundreds of merchants and buyers.

Mercado Modelo is flooded after the river overflows

Children attend classes aboard canoes and buckets due to increased river flow in Iquitos

In the provinces of maynasIn Iquitos, several children had to use canoes, peque-peque and even rafts to cross the river and reach their educational center. The Nauta river has grown in volume, causing children to have to use these tools to get to school.

Children have to cross the river in canoes or buckets to go to school.

River in Yurimaguas overflows and affects surrounding communities

The Shanusi valley increased its volume, flooding several communities that are located on the banks of this river.

River overflows and affects dozens of families.  Photo: Radio Oriente of Yurimaguas

Pregnant woman and child are rescued by helicopter

A pregnant woman and her son were evacuated and taken out of a dangerous area due to a possible landslide due to the police personnel, who took them to a place far from danger, and used a helicopter to safeguard them. After the airlift, she was referred to the Belén Hospital in Lambayequewhere he received the required care.

Woman was taken to a safer area.


Population crosses the Chongoyape speed bump on a tractor after the activation of the Juana Ríos stream two weeks ago.

Residents cross ravines with the help of a tractor.

More than 130 towns were left without telephone and internet service

After the heavy rains produced by the Cyclone Yaku that affected several regions of Peru, the Monitoring Center of the Supervisory Agency for Private Investment in Telecommunications (Osiptel) detected the fall of 275 base stations or antennas, of which 142 interrupted mobile telephone and internet services in more than 130 towns in La Libertad, Piura, Áncash, Lambayeque, Lima and Tumbes.

Overflow of the Tambogrande River leaves dozens of families isolated

This Tuesday, in the early hours of the morning, it was learned that the Tambogrande River exceeded its flow and destroyed several houses and crops in the area. According to the ATV News reporter, the overflow of the ravine ramscaused the blockade of the highway, which unites nine populated centers in this region.

Overflow rivers in northern Peru
Overflowing rivers in northern Peru (SEBASTIAN CASTANEDA /)

Heavy rains in Trujillo activate five streams

It’s about the gorges Bello Horizonte, Alto Huallaga, Alto Galindo, Caballo Muerto and San Carloswhich generate great damage to this town because these currents destroy everything in their path.

Five streams are activated in Trujillo.

Piura River overflows

One of the areas most affected by this overflow has been tambogrande and it is that the force of these waters destroyed the main bridges, causing 9 populated centers to remain completely isolated and incommunicado.

Water enters the children’s oncology area at the Almenara hospital

The heavy rains in Lima caused water to leak through the ceiling of the pediatric oncology area of ​​the Guillermo Almenara Irigoyen National Hospital, which EsSalud manages. The health center, located in the district of La Victoria, communicated how they have been dealing with this situation that can affect patients.

Rains in Lima
Intense rains in Lima cause water infiltration in the Almenara hospital.

Rímac River overflows through the Malecón Checa sector in Zárate

The National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology of Peru (senamhi) announced the increase in river flows in the face of heavy rains. The mayor of San Juan de Lurigancho, jesus maldonadoreport that the rimac river it overflowed from the height of the Malecón Checa, on 9 de Octubre Avenue, located in Zárate.

Rímac, Lurín and Chillón rivers on alert.

Comas bridge may fall due to the rise of the Chillón river

In the banks of the river Chillon, in Comas, there is a bridge in poor condition that connects citizens with the district of Puente Piedra. Under the bridge, the flow of the river It is increasing due to the intense rains caused by Cyclone Yaku in Lima.

Chillon River
Bridge in the Chillón river about to collapse due to heavy rains.

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