São Paulo

The Civil Police closed the investigation into the threats reported by the coach Thiago Schutz against the actress Livia La cat. He was not indicted because they understood that it was a “crime of lesser offensive potential”. The case was reported and forwarded to the Judiciary last Friday (10).

The investigated was heard in the 27th Police District of Campo Belo and denied all accusations. However, a request was sent to Justice to maintain the precautionary measures for the victims.

On the last day 7, the justice of São Paulo ordered Schutz to maintain a minimum distance of 300 meters from the actress Livia La Gatto after him send message with content considered threatening after the comedian publish a satirical video.

At the end of February, Livia told the Sheet who studied ask for a protective measure against he for being scared. “I’m going to try to ask for a protective measure too, because I’ve been feeling very insecure. He can say he’s harmless, but he moves an army of almost 340,000 men who may feel threatened in some way. They came to threaten me,” he said at the time. .

The São Paulo Court of Justice said that the case is under judicial secrecy and that it could not comment. The measure also covers Bruna Gomes da Silva Volpi, a singer and sambista who also felt threatened by Thiago.

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