On Wednesday, a Munich court announced that Bayern and the French national team player Benjamin Pavard had been fined for driving under the influence of alcohol, and had decided to withdraw his license indefinitely, and that he would lose his driver’s license for an indefinite time.

A spokeswoman for the Public Prosecutor’s Office explained: The fine that was imposed will not appear in the police record of the convict, and its value will not be disclosed.

Pavard, 26, world champion in 2018, was arrested last year. He was also fined by Bayern Munich for the mistake and went through a difficult period in terms of performance, until he indicated that he wanted to leave the club.

But the player’s performance has increased since he finished second with the French national team in the World Cup that was held last December, when he scored two goals in the match that Bayern won over Augsburg 5-3 last week.

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