The Feudal Dwarf and Nazarena Vélez staged a discussion that went viral. The presenter was defending her position on a subject when the actress decided to interrupt her to ask her to calm down since she noticed that she was very vehement.

“Calm down friend, speak well, you are very vehement”launched Nazarena. “I don’t know what this woman says, it seems that she is wrong today”exclaimed the Feudal Dwarf. “No, you were sensitive about the grandmother thing, don’t worry”insisted the producer.

That was the beginning of the discussion, but Babie Vélez’s mother explained to her partner: “You have responses that are sometimes very vehement and a bit stupid. You have looks and things when you answer that they are stupid. It seems to me that they are stupid, that’s how I perceive it”.

However, Feudale he retorted: “And that way you have to talk now, don’t you think it’s silly?”. “I’m talking to you very well”clarified Nazarena. “No Naza, you are not speaking well, you are putting the vehemence, you are super upset”insisted the announcer. “What are you going to upset me, Marcela, please I ask you”replied the artist with irony.

The Dwarf Feudale’s reaction

The iconic announcer of the Marcelo Tinelli program was completely surprised by the perception of her partner and could not avoid the discomfort caused by the discomfort that she experienced in the confrontation with Nazarena.

“You gave me a hard time”Told him Feudale to the little angel who was sitting next to him. Although she clarified that she never had a problem with Nazarena and that is why she was completely surprised by what happened.

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