after Guimê being accused of harassing a new “participant” of BBB23not TwitterR, Lexa was embarrassed by the situation and resolved to “give some time” to social networks. MC Carol I said in defense of my friend and criticized the attitude of MC Guimê in this fifth fair (16/3).

“I didn’t want to pronounce myself, but I can’t wait! Hand, like a male with the appearance of a while, do you make it in the national network? EU I AM INCREDULOUS!”, began to funkeira in his profile do Twitter.

“The self-esteem of the man scares me, because of morality… I fear that I have a lot of self-esteem and a lack of sense, to be a CUTE woman like Lexa! When I say “beautiful” it’s inside and outside! Lexa is twelve, cute, graceful, fucking for caralh* and RICA”, continued MC Carol.

Carol wished Lexa strength to face the delicate moment: “I wish strength and a lot of knowledge for her and, if she was strong, the same force that I used to help, now I would use it to DOWNLOAD, without penalty and, it changed the date”.

Publicidade do parceiro Metropoles 1
Publicidade do parceiro Metropoles 2


Finally, funkeira says that Guimê was only invited to the reality show because of his wife. “I’m going to talk more, I’m going to talk! HE IS ONLY NOT BBB BECAUSE OF IT! No more ouvia falar dele! That is true. I’m on fire! Now I can go back to live in peace! ”, She detonated.

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