Francesco Calvo, a prominent official in charge of the football sector in Juventus, confirmed on Thursday that the Italian club is not seeking to get rid of Paul Pogba, the midfielder who is haunted by injuries, stressing that his team is looking forward to restoring the player to his full fitness.

The French World Cup winner returned to Juventus in July 2022 after his departure from Manchester United, but he played less than 40 minutes, as he participated as a substitute against Turin and Roma in the Italian Premier League.

Calvo told Sky before facing Freiburg in the European League: He is the first person who is not happy with his lack of participation this year and because of the recent injury, and when it comes to prominent players, controversial headlines appear. I’ve read in major newspapers that Juventus is trying to get rid of him, absolutely not.

He continued: He came here when he was 19 years old. Juventus is a big family for him. But our fans demand a lot from our players. We hope to get him back to his level as soon as possible.

Pogba, 30, joined Juventus for the first time in 2012 and won four Italian league titles and two domestic cup titles before joining United after the 2015-2016 season.

Calvo added: We believe very much in Pogba’s abilities, and that is why we signed a four-year contract with him, and we feel sorry for him. We talk to him daily. He knows that we are not as happy about this situation as he is personally.

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