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the actor’s daughter Juliano Cazarre, Maria Guilhermina, was hospitalized again this Wednesday afternoon (15). In stories posts, the child’s mother, Leticiashowed details of the arrival of the ambulance and the procedure that would be performed.

“Another adventure today. Maria Guilhermina was hospitalized to change the tracheostomy tube and finally win a Botton [outro tipo de sonda] in the tummy! Going to get rid of the gastrostomy tube “, she wrote. Then, she appears on a stretcher in the images. “Who is the most beautiful patient in the world?”, praised Letícia. Finally, the baby is taken through the hospital corridors.

Cazarré’s daughter was born with a rare disease called Ebstein’s anomaly, which affects basic functions and development of the heart.

Last Saturday, in an interview with “É de Casa”, the actor of “Pantanal” he spoke about the child’s current state of health. “She was born with a heart problem, so she had an operation on her heart. However, in the surgery, there came a time when there was a problem. She almost boarded. Heavenly Father, thank God, said: ‘Stay there a little longer'”, he reported. According to the artist, Maria also faced neurological problems, such as stroke, bleeding and ischemia.

“So, he is now recovering from this neurological problem. But, God willing, with a lot of affection, a lot of encouragement [vai conseguir]”, he concluded, to Globo’s weekly program.

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