“The most beautiful gift of life, my son, my love”, wrote Ilona Smet on her Instagram account on July 2, 2022 to announce the birth of her first child to her community. A little boy who makes his grandfather happy. “Welcome this beautiful little Jedi to this crazy world! He fell on the right side of the tree with 2 beautiful and loving parents like you! I love you forever”had thus commented David Hallyday under the publication of his eldest.

For her part, Estelle Lefébure showed her pride by declaring: “The birth of this little angel is living proof of love. I love you all three, beautiful souls“. And Emma Smet, the sister of the young mother, to add: “Beautiful angel, welcome to this family that already loves you so much, you are already incredible parents, I love you”.

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And the first name of Ilona Smet’s first child would be…

Very discreet about her private life, the pretty blonde does not want to reveal the face of her baby. If she takes pleasure in sharing some photos of her life as a mom, she did not even want to reveal her son’s first name. But that was without counting on the investigations of the magazine Gala. According to our colleagues, the grandson of David Hallyday and Estelle Lefébure would be named Harrison. A very American name quite rare in France which, according to the media, could pay homage to the Taulier since, passionate about the United States, the latter had even built a new identity by passing from Jean-Philippe Smet to Johnny Hallyday.

However, the parents of little Harrison were also very well able to draw inspiration from the first name of the famous American actor, Harrison Ford who slipped into the skin of Han Solo in the saga. Star Wars. A work that Ilona Smet and her companion Kamran Ahmed particularly appreciate. If the choice of the couple has not been explained, their relatives seem to have validated it 100%.


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