In addition to her career, Karine Ferri is totally fulfilled by her private life. To date, the famous host forms a united couple with Yoann Gourcuff who has long distinguished himself in the world of football. It is in Brittany that the lovebirds have decided to settle there to raise – in complete peace of mind – their two children: Claudia and Maël. “I like the Breton mentality: warm, while being discreet and respectful”, confided Karine Ferri for our colleagues from Telegram.

And to add: “When we are in the media, we like to find serenity. And with my husband, we say to ourselves that here we are really, very well. What is very funny is that I married a Breton and my brother is in a relationship with a Brestoise”. Over the years, Karine Ferri has been able to divide her time perfectly between her new adopted region and Paris: “It’s a question of organization! I try to condense what I do in Paris as much as possible: I can record several shoots a day, to have several days off in Brittany afterwards (…)”.

If currently, Camille Combal’s sidekick has a string of projects on TV, her husband is – to date – much more discreet in the media. As a reminder, it was with Rennes that the former football star proved himself before playing in Italy. Subsequently, the sportsman unleashed passions in Bordeaux before joining the Olympique Lyonnais team. Impressed by his talent at the time, countless journalists even compared him to Zinedine Zidane. A daily pressure not so easy to manage… Unfortunately, Yoann Gourcuff will not experience the same rise as the icon.

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“It’s true that he suffered…”

After a return to Rennes, the one who has multiplied the injuries joined almost anonymously the Dijon club in 2019. Thus, the happy father of two children bows out to the chagrin of his admirers. But to everyone’s surprise, the latter chose to bounce back into tennis. His father, Christophe Gourcuff has agreed to return to his entire career in the columns of the Parisian this Tuesday, March 14, 2023. Without filter, he shared his analysis on the subject…

“It’s true that he suffered. I don’t want to talk too much about him. But he’s a passionate person who had physical problems that weighed him down mentally”, said the former coach of Lorient. The opportunity for him to settle his accounts with certain media who lynched his son: “We reversed everything saying he had a mental problem. What a crazy thing. If he was unhappy, it was because of his injuries. Not the other way around.” A necessary speech!


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