Once again, Elisabeth Borne used article 49.3 of the Constitution on pension reform. This Thursday, March 16, 2023, the Prime Minister announced in full assembly, that she was engaging the responsibility of her government to have this reform adopted, which is so displeasing and which has, moreover, generated the anger of French citizens.
A few hours later, Elisabeth Borne was on the TF1 JT set to justify her decision. Faced with Gilles Bouleau, the Prime Minister assured that she had “everything done” to go to the vote on the conclusions drawn up by the parliamentarians in the joint committee (CMP). “The account was not there. […] It is a collective decision by noting that we could not play the future of an essential reform by speculating on possible changes in the position of opposition deputies”said Elisabeth Borne before saying she was “very shocked” to have been booed by the opposition.

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Elisabeth Borne on TF1: Gilles Bouleau becomes the star of Twitter
Usually calm, Gilles Bouleau this time was very incisive against the 61-year-old politician. Something to delight many Internet users who have not failed to salute the courage and liveliness of the TF1 journalist on social networks.
“Gilles Birch tonight he wanted to fight it out. Well done Gilles!”, “Gilles Bouleau he was at his peak tonight”, “Mdr Gilles Bouleau he said to him “break up please” in a polite way”, “Congratulations to Gilles birch he does not spare the ‘Born’ with his questions…”, “Gilles Birch he really does the JOB on TF1“have for example chanted the viewers.

Unfortunately, Elisabeth Borne’s justifications did not convince the citizens who hastened to take to the streets to protest and demonstrate even more. Several fires and overflows were observed in particular at Place de la Concorde in Paris.


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