Scene of chaos at the National Assembly. This Thursday, March 16, 2023, an icy welcome was reserved for Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne as she was about to speak about the triggering of article 49-3 to pass the pension reform without a vote in Parliament.

Booed by the deputies and LFI who did not hesitate to hold up signs “Retirement at 64, it’s no” and to sing the Marseillaise even before the politician took the floor, Elisabeth Borne finally delivered her speech after two minutes of silence requested in vain by the President of the National Assembly Yaël Braun-Pivet.

In a general brouhaha, the member of the government then declared: “Today, on the text of the Parliament, the uncertainty hangs over a few votes. We cannot take the risk of seeing 175 hours of parliamentary debate collapse. We cannot take the risk of seeing the compromise built by the two Assemblies discarded. We cannot bet on the future of our pensions, and this reform is necessary”justified the Prime Minister while a good number of deputies rose at the same time in sign of protest.

Following the trigger 49.3 by the government of Elisabeth Borne, the National Rally (RN) has already announced that it will table a motion of censure, after this adoption without a vote of the pension reform.

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The guest of the JT 1 p.m.

Barely the end of her speech to the Assembly, the TF1 channel announced via a tweet that the Prime Minister would be the guest on the 8 p.m. newscast presented by Gilles Bouleau. “After having used 49.3, she will respond, live, to Gilles Bouleau’s questions within 20 hours”can we read on the social network… An interview that is already likely to make a lot of noise!


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