For 10 years, Elise Lucet has been delighting her viewers with her countless numbers of “Cash Investigation”. This Thursday, March 16, 2023, France 2 therefore decided to broadcast a very special prime time. Indeed, the journalist’s most popular reports will be honoured. “We launched a large consultation with viewers, first by asking them which were the surveys that had the most impact on them and which they wanted us to investigate again”, revealed the main concerned for Pure Media.

On a daily basis to put them in a box, the mother of Rose Bourgeois is on all fronts. “I follow the whole process in fact. Gradually, the journalists give me points on the investigations. When I have to do my interviews, I already know the subject well and there, I have to carry out the work to carry out the toughest interviews”, confided Elise Lucet. “I have to be at the level of questioning both my team, which has worked for a year, and the viewers who are waiting on the other side. It’s super demanding and that’s what I like”.

To mark the occasion, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and her columnists therefore invited her to the set of “C to you” on the occasion of the 10ᵉ anniversary of its flagship program. After going around his news, Patrick Cohen wanted to bounce back on a detail that intrigued him on the Web. “If you are on social networks Elise, you have probably seen that you have been widely quoted for one or two weeks not for your current investigations, but for an old number of ‘Cash’ on pedophile networks…”, launched the latter before being cut off by his colleague.

“That was not the story at all”

“So it’s not ‘Cash’ at all”, decided Elise Lucet, perplexed. “It was a program that we released thirty years ago with Pascal Justice who had investigated France 3. So to tell you…”. “I specify, you are cited as surety by those who claim that today paedosatanists use the blood of children…”, added Patrick Cohen. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t finish his tirade. “No way”, replied the widow of Martin Bourgeois.“Very frankly, we weren’t in satanist networks at all. That wasn’t the story at all.”

And to clarify a bit annoyed: “It was networks of child prostitution by their parents, especially at the time… Because the justice system had carried out an investigation. it’s this style. But not at all!”. If Elise Lucet regretted not having “an elephant’s memory”, she assured that Patrick Cohen was on the wrong track: “I’m restoring the truth, no, and I think that this documentary should not be used to justify the comments that are made today, I say it clearly”. A necessary clarification.


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