90 years ago, the radio “RTL” was launched under the name of Radio Luxemburg. After having met with great success throughout Europe, it ceased to be broadcast during the Second World War. But in 1944, her faithful listeners took pleasure in finding her. Thus, it becomes more popular and offers both flagship programs, information and entertainment. With the arrival of “Europe 1” in 1955, “Luxembourg Radio” is renamed “RTL” eleven years later.

In the 1970s, other cult programs made their appearance. Like the “Big Heads”, “Stop or else”, “La Valise”, or even “The Unexpected Journal”. 10 years later, Michel Drucker arrives and the group’s slogan is born: “RTL is you”. This Wednesday March 15, 2023 on the occasion of the anniversary of the station, Pascal Praud and his colleagues wanted to greet the husband of Dany Saval who also marked the antenna.

“I got to know real people…”

live on “RTL”, the happy father of four children also revealed a message from Michel Drucker: “I wanted him to intervene with us, but he can’t, but he sent me a little text”said Pascal Praud, consulting his cell phone. “‘I have fond memories of the RTL years, my show: RTL, it’s you. Title which later becomes the slogan of an advertising campaign’, he writes”.

And to specify: “‘This show took place outside in a studio limousine, my strongest memory is obviously the RTL suitcase’ which still exists today in the Big Heads”. Obviously, Michel Drucker was marked by the many meetings orchestrated throughout France thanks to his work. “I criss-crossed France for 10 years, because my program was mainly in the Provinces”.

Unvarnished, the star of the PAF took the opportunity to crush some great figures of showbiz… Without giving a name. “With my years of sports reporting on TV, I learned to know real people… And to distance myself from the Paris of sores and givers of lessons”. This is what Michel Drucker says […]”, thus concluded Pascal Praud, very amused by his latest confidences. “And he always told me ‘RTL made me meet even more than television, perhaps the public'”. All in all, a nice statement!


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