2:31 p.m. : Hey, when we talk about binationals, there is this Houssem Aouar news today, which DD didn’t really like for his only meeting / friendly match.

2:29 p.m. : Was the Nice Todibo far from the list? “No, but the position of central defender is provided with young players. »

2:28 p.m. : On Wesley Fofana: “I never made a choice to block the freedom of a binational player. It happened there, it could have not happened or happened before. Jonathan Bamba has chosen a country other than France. I’m not going to alienate the coaches of these teams. These players have the freedom to choose.

2:26 p.m. : Ah, DD on Giroud: “Olivier has a lot of experience. He performs well at club level. He’s there. He is not young (36 years old) but he is there because he maintains himself at the best level”.

2:25 p.m. : And yes just remark: after the Hernandez, the Thuram siblings are in place, whereas it was necessary to go back centuries to trace two brothers in blue before (the Révelli).

2:24 p.m. : Pavard is therefore on this list, “first for a right-back position”. And DD assures “moving forward” about him, because it was quite a hassle this World Cup for the Bayern defender.

2:22 p.m .: Deschamps would like to see Pogba and Kanté “competitive in the club” again. “Hopefully they are spared athletically.” I’m afraid we won’t see them again in the blue jersey, these two.

2:20 p.m. : Deschamps assures him, he wants his counterpart of the Espoirs, the cult Sylvain Ripoll “to have the best team available” for the Euro Espoirs in June. Because yes, like Khéphren Thuram could be.

2:18 p.m .: Rotating armband or not? “No, I prefer to have a well-defined choice”, even if we don’t yet know who the lucky winner is. Over here, we are looking at Antoine Griezmann on the prono side, more than on Kylian Mbappé.

2:15 p.m. : Deschamps returns to this World Cup final to digest: “It’s not trivial a World Cup final. Even if the weeks and months have passed, it is never easy to miss out on the supreme title. But that’s the high level. We don’t live with the past either. There is popular enthusiasm. We cannot rest on our laurels. We are going back to a qualification phase. But yes, by the scenario, it marked a lot of people ”.

2:12 p.m. : Ah well, question on the Stade de France which could escape the Blues: “I have an attachment to the Stade de France, it is THE stadium of the France team. But I don’t have any answers on that.”

2:11 p.m .: Ah, the Benz topic revived. “There have always been disturbances. I’m not going to tell you more. You won’t get another word from me. I repeat it to you: I took the floor to say what happened. Today, nothing will make me talk about this subject. We would have thought we were back in 2016 with this conf.

2:10 p.m. : “Yes, there will be a hierarchy at the moment, but I will talk to them about it first”, about the goalkeepers. There is little doubt that Mike Maignan will be number one.

2:08 p.m. : Ah, a question about Brice Samba, privileged to Alban Lafont: “Obviously Alban also deserves. But because of what Brice Samba has been doing since the start of the season, it’s interesting to see him with us”. DD recalls that they have “no international experience”, one like the other. It highlights “sporting criteria”. Like a booster shot. Even if it is not on this question that Deschamps will be especially titillated.

2:07 p.m .: Smile from DD for the question about Benzema: “I know this is a controversial subject that interests you. This is a closed subject for me, who is behind. I’m not going to comment on anything. The important thing is the future and these two games ahead of us. »

2:06 p.m .: DD does not immediately decide the captaincy. Of course, he sees Mbappé in the candidates.

2:04 p.m. : Here is the list, where Giroud is unsurprisingly.

2:03 p.m .: Deschamps is waiting for “answers for the future”, by opening his group to three new ones.

2:03 p.m. : So three new DD side for this list, he will explain himself on that.

2:02 p.m .: Another newcomer: Kephren Thuram is there in the middle, the Thuram family in force!

2:01 p.m .: The defenders, with Wesley Fofana as a new kid!

2:01 p.m .: The guards: Areola, Maignan, Samba (youhou)

2:00 p.m. : It begins with “an emotional thought” for Claude Simonet, “a great leader”.

2:00 p.m.: DD is in the place!

1:58 p.m .: Ah, the L’Equipe channel takes the antenna on the spot. We will soon see what this list will look like without Varane, Lloris and Benzema.

1:55 p.m. : We have talked a lot about the FFF in recent weeks. But if you want a little reading to wait, it’s also a treat at the head of Fifa today in Kigali (Rwanda).

1:50 p.m .: Will a journalist dare to ask a question about Karim Benzema at DD (he will be well received)? Place your bets.

1:45 p.m .: Hello everyone, here we are to get on fire with you on Brice Samba’s (deserved) first convocation, and for many other things too.

11:00 : A little reading to wait. We imagined the subjects on which DD was going to be questioned this afternoon… and the answers he was going to give (otherwise it was not funny).

10:00 a.m.: Presentation

It’s always a little something to find the Blues after a big competition. Whether it ends in a coronation or a painful defeat, the cut is always too abrupt after weeks and weeks punctuated by their daily lives. Almost three months after the tragic outcome of Lusail, the France team is back in the news with the announcement of the list of players summoned by Didier Deschamps for the start of the Euro 2024 qualifiers. imagine the structure of the workforce that will lead this new cycle, between the retirements of important executives and the uncertain state of health of a few others. And then there are the topics of the moment, on which the coach will surely be called upon to express himself.

>> Don’t wait too long on the lunch break this afternoon, we’ll meet around 1:45 p.m. to listen religiously to DD all together…

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