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When I found out, a few weeks ago, that his name had been excluded from the many celebrations and tributes to Xuxa Meneghel for her 60 years, former paquita Andréa Sorvetão, 49, opted for silence. But the husband of one of the presenter’s first stage assistants cannot hide his indignation.

Conrado, 55, singer and companion of Sorvetão, considers “disrespect for a story” the veto to the woman in the celebrations of the comadre. Xuxa is godmother to Giovanna, 25, the eldest daughter of Conrado and Andrea. The couple, by the way, met backstage at “Xou da Xuxa” (Globo), in 1986. The ties of 37 years of friendship would have started to unravel when Xuxa stopped following them on the networks. Reason: a post from 2021, in which the singer asked for sponsorship for the couple, described as “straight, Christian and traditional”.

“I don’t regret it. I spoke about me and Andrea. It wasn’t to offend anyone. Couldn’t we represent more than half of the Brazilian population? “, indignant Conrado, who in 2002 posed nude for G Magazine. Sorvetão did the same on the pages of “Sexy” and “Playboy”. The images were remembered by the web as soon as the couple went public to propagate conservative ideals.

The singer points to ideological differences as the reason for the fight with Xuxa and does not deny it: he was hurt. So much so that he no longer speaks to his daughter’s godmother, nor does he intend to look for her. He reinforces his position as a “man of the right, conservative and patriotic” and says he feels discriminated against in the artistic environment.

“I feel discrimination and also disrespect. Artists talk so much about democracy and are the first to act with intolerance. They talk about love, but they don’t practice it”, he complains. He and Sorvetão continue to support Jair Bolsonaro (“The best politician the country has ever had”), with whom Xuxa had several public clashes during his tenure.

Conrado comes out in defense of the former representative, including in the case of jewelry valued at R$ 16 million, coming from Saudi Arabia with the delegation of the Bolsonaro government and seized by the Federal Revenue, at Guarulhos Airport. “The jewels should be returned to the owner. In other words, to Michele Bolsonaro. They are gifts for her and not for the government. Will anyone else be able to win gifts and enter Brazil without paying taxes?”, asks the singer.

He does not rule out the possibility of running for a seat in Rio’s legislative assembly. Andréa ran for federal deputy for the Republican Party in Rio, but was not elected in 2022. When talking about politics more broadly, Conrado criticizes PT management and also stings the artistic class.

“What can really change with this government? If it were to change, I would start by changing the ministers because the positions were distributed by political game, and not by merits. Regarding the artistic area… This question is not for me, but for some Bahian artists and for Globo.”

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