frames and Romina were the two finalists who competed live for the last leadership of Big Brother.

This time, the test was not physical but knowledge. santiago del moro He asked each of them fifteen questions and the one who answered the most, won.

Marcos Big Brother
Santiago Del Moro.

Upon entering the house, Santiago Del Moroand gave to choose Romina one of the two envelopes he had in his hand. Then they went to SUM to compete with Marcos.

The first to answer was the little sister, who got nine of the fifteen questions the driver asked her right. all of them were about reality, For example, what is Ariel’s last name or what color was the dress in which Coti entered the house of Big Brother.

Marcos Big Brother
Marcos is the new leader and became the first runner-up.

Then it was Marcos’ turn. When he reached nine answers, the driver informed him that with one more he already won and he had three left. He eventually answered well and became the show’s first runner-up.

This way, Romina was nominated for Sunday along with Nacho and Julieta.

Marcos Big Brother
Marcos is the new leader and became the first runner-up.

Big Brother: how and when will the grand finale of the reality show be

According to Leo Arias, the reality show would come to an end on March 27. In addition, it is estimated that the mega event will take place at the Teatro Gran Rex and that in Mar Del Plata, Córdoba, Mendoza and Salta it will be broadcast in cinemas.

In addition, what do not know the players who Telefe could surprise the finalists with the entrance to the game of all the ex-participants.

This was announced by Santiago, a LAM mobile player, who assured that the possibility is being studied that all the players who have already left Big Brother re-enter without filtering information for those who remain in the final.

Big Brother Mark
Marcos is the new leader and became the first runner-up.

They threw me a piece of information, be careful if it is confirmed. It may be that the last weekend. They are still evaluating it, it is not confirmed. But they look forward to the last weekend of Big Brother Enter all the eliminated participants and be at home that weekend as for a closure,” the journalist and producer said.

“It doesn’t matter if they have outside information or not, because that’s it…Well, it’s a possibility!”Santiago remarked in LAM.

Therefore, the end of Big Brother It will be a pure surprise for the players.

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