São Paulo

The Leader’s Party guime at the BBB 23 was full of controversy. After the singer and the fighter shoe face get involved with the new participant Daniathe public has been calling for the expulsion of the two from the house.

First, Guimê was seen touching the Mexican’s butt and breast. At one point, she takes his hand away from her body. These facts made the singer Lexa, wife of Guimê, spoke out. She said she was not okay with the situation.

Lettuce It is Bruna they tried to warn the funk singer that he was drinking too much and going over the limit. Ricardo even told Dania that “this guy’s wife is the most angry woman in Brazil”, as if he wanted to remind his friend that he is married, and Griphao more than once tried to get Guimê away from the new confinement.

Other videos show Sapato immobilizing Dania to kiss her. He also kisses her and covers them both with a blanket. Part of Internet users also understands that this characterizes harassment and asks for the expulsion of the brother.

The production called the fighter’s attention after one of these attitudes.

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