São Paulo

relatives of shoe face used the athlete’s social network to apologize to the Mexican Dania for the fighter’s attitudes at BBB 23. At the party last night, he immobilized his wife and kissed her. Part of public on the internet called for the expulsion of him and of MC guime after alleged cases of harassment.

“We know that certain attitudes cannot happen even as a joke. Therefore, our sincere apologies to Dania and her family for the events”, says the initial part of the statement.

“When he leaves the house and sees these images, Sapato will need to understand what happened, review behaviors, apologize and learn that there are limits that cannot be exceeded”, ends the note.

At the party, Guimê was also accused of touching Dania’s body, including the Mexican’s butt and breast. At one point, she takes his hand away from her body. These facts made the singer Lexa, Guimê’s wife, speak out. She said she was not okay with the situation.

Alface and Bruna tried to warn the funk artist that he was drinking too much and going too far. Ricardo even told Dania that “this guy’s wife is the most angry woman in Brazil”, as if he wanted to remind his friend that he is married, and Griphao more than once tried to get Guimê away from the new confinement.

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