Attention, emotional moment! Like every Saturday, Vianney, Amel Bent, Bigflo & Oli, or even Zazie, will discover new candidates on March 18. A new wave of blind auditions will be presented to viewers and the latter are not at the end of their surprises. Indeed, Vianney will surprise everyone when he will propose a funny collaboration with a young candidate, Silda. A Chalonnaise who chose the perfect piece to be selected by the 32-year-old artist: “Because it’s you”by Axelle Red.

A title that means a lot to Vianney. Indeed, in 2016, the interpreter of “Not here” had the chance to perform it alongside its author during the Alcaline concert. A few years later, it was with his talent, Mentissa, that he wanted to bring it back to life. The two put their voice on the famous piece of Axelle Red and were also able to sing it at Bercy in 2022. “It was weird, intimidating. We don’t realize that there are so many people and above all we don’t realize how we make them feel”confided Mentissa to our colleagues at TF1 News about this interpretation, before continuing: “I want to convey emotion above all. I am so happy when people tell me that I have touched the public. Music saves me, it dazzles me. I am very grateful to have been able to do a Bercy too early in my career.

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Vianney performs a title that is dear to him with a candidate

It remains to be seen whether the candidate for season 10 of “The Voice” will accept that his coach is unfaithful. Indeed, this Saturday, March 18, Vianney will leave his coach seat for a song, to perform “Because it’s you”in duet with Silda. “I actually know this song, I love it, that you did. Are you hot for us to do it together?”will he propose to her as we were able to discover in a teaser published by the Instagram account of “The Voice”.

A request quickly accepted by the candidate who will suspend the time and the coaches. Indeed, Amel Bent, as well as Bigflo & Oli, seem very moved by listening to their colleague and the young talent collaborate on stage. “They are already so complicit. Come on, it’s already magnificent…” Coward Bigflo from the first notes before Amel Bent shows humor: “Go 1 million views on MYTF1”. If we will have to wait before knowing if the million will be reached on the video, we already know that it will provide a lot of emotions.


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