Anamá Ferreira organizes an American fair

anama ferreira He surprised his followers on social networks by announcing that he would hold an American fair. “I sell everything: clothes, hats, bags. You have to renew”, assured the model and businesswoman. This Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., the sale of her collection takes place in an apartment located at Avenida Córdoba 966, in the Microcentro neighborhood. Those who wish to go must present their identity document for a matter of building security.

“I am a compulsive hoarder,” said the entrepreneur in an interview with Nicolas Magaldidriver EPA! (America). “All these clothes are immaculate, hanging in my house. I realized that I have clothes from the 70s and 80s that I don’t wear, ”she explained about the reasons that led her to put various clothing products on sale.

Anamá Ferreyra's post
Anamá Ferreyra’s post

In front of the camera, the model showed some of the more than 600 garments from important designers and the 400 pairs of shoes from leading brands, such as Hermis or Jimmy Choo, and with little use that are for sale. “Shoes are from 4,000 pesos onwards,” said the businesswoman.

When Magaldi asked her if she was thinking of leaving the country, Anamá replied with a laugh: “I thought of leaving my house, not the country. I love Argentina, I have been working since 1976. I am grateful. I always generate work for myself, I am not waiting at home for them to call me. I am an entrepreneur and I have 10 modeling schools”.

On the other hand, Ferreira was in the news for a post she made on her social networks, outraged by a publication she had shared Fabian Cubero with his son Luca which had been recorded by Mica Viciconte. Watching this video, she felt that it gave a discriminatory message.

Through their Instagram stories, you could see the ex-partner of Nicole Neuman with his 9-month-old son in his arms, while he had put a gorilla mask on his head. “She doesn’t mature,” Mica wrote about her baby’s father. “Do you think you’re not going to scare the baby? Is it necessary?” Asked the former Combat. While the former Vélez Sarsfield player, entertained by the game with his child, reacted calmly: “No, he is not scared.”

However, the one who was shocked by Poroto’s comment was Anamá, who turned to her Twitter account to express her disagreement and anger with the issue. “Hi, I’m sorry, but I have to say when things are done that it’s not right and then you have to say: Cubero Bean I love you but it’s not right that you want to scare your cute little son with a MONKEY mask!” The model raised.

Immediately afterwards, he continued with his criticism of this situation. “Why do you think a monkey is scary? Because he is black and ugly? It’s discrimination,” said the Brazilian. Her publication did not go unnoticed by the users of the bird network, and the comments did not wait. “Post? Won’t it be a lot of Anama?”, he wrote Cinthia Fernandez, while others called it exaggerated. Before these repercussions, he proceeded to delete the tweet and not issue any more opinion about it.

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