(REUTERS/Luis Cortes)
(REUTERS/Luis Cortes)

President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) elaborated on his decision to veto the commissioners of the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI) who had been appointed on March 1 at the Chamber of Senators.

From the lectern of the National Palace, the Chief Executive clarified that the setback to the appointments of Yadira Alarcon and Rafael Luna obeyed an alleged act of influentialism: “Apparently it did not act well. There was an agreement and I don’t know who carried it out, he pronounced in his traditional morning conference.

Under this tenor, he insinuated that the double appointment was the result of an agreement between two political caucuses that “handed out to candidates”. The militants allegedly involved, according to AMLO, would have been the opposition National Action Party (BREAD) and his own National Regeneration Movement (Brunette).

“Without a doubt there was an agreement. How is it going to be from ‘I give you one and I another’? ”, She questioned.

“Everything indicates that the two candidates were distributed: one for Morena and the other for the PAN. And that should not be allowed. (…) Cerro corruption, zero impunity, no negotiations in the dark”.

The Plenary Session of the Senate had endorsed the appointment of the two INAI advisers.  (MOISES PABLO / CUARTOSCURO.COM)
The Plenary Session of the Senate had endorsed the appointment of the two INAI advisers. (MOISES PABLO / CUARTOSCURO.COM)

It should be remembered that the appointment of Yadira Alarcón and Luna Alviso generated controversy in the political circle. However, it was the disagreement over the appointment of the latter that united members of the blue and cherry bench.

This, due to the accusations against Luna for allegedly have failed the exams applied and lack experience in transparency. An argument that López Obrador seconded in his reproach, but without confirming that said “case” corresponded to that of Rafael Luna.

“In one case, the one who got the last place in the ranking, left (designated)”, he expressed and added that the “other case”, of Yadira Alarcón perhaps, was due to an alleged relationship with the PAN militancy. “The other case, a person linked to the PAN. Militant almost of the PAN”, he indicated.

In this way, López Obrador cut short his message:

“They must understand that we cannot accept those rinses.”

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