This Thursday, March 16, a new columnist joined the team of columnists for “Touche pas à mon poste”. Happy to present his new recruit, whose name is Amélie Bitoun, Cyril Hanouna explained why he made this choice: “Amélie is a very good friend of mineI have known her for years, this is my second Benaïm”.

The 40-year-old host was not ashamed to say that she has been trying to join the team for a very long time: “Can we tell the truth? Can we say that it’s been about eight years, without lying, that I asked you to do TPMP? I’ve been harassing him for at least eight years” she launched. The biggest fans of the show should also remember that she had already made a few appearances around the table in 2019.

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Amélie Bitoun reveals the name of her “crush” within the team
Matthieu Delormeau having arrived late in the show, Cyril Hanouna tried to give him a quick summary of what the young woman had said at the start of the show: “Amélie said that Benjamin Castaldi had charisma”. To which the young woman replied: “So wait, I’ve been thinking in the meantime…”. Amélie Bitoun then admitted that Mokhtar, the famous security guard on the set, is the one who could please her: “I find that he really has something, he is virile, he is a man, he has charisma, you sense that he is ready to bang…”.

Honest, the young woman then explained what, in her opinion, are the faults of Benjamin Castaldi: “Too stiff Benjamin!” she exclaimed. The columnists not having understood the remark, Benjamin Castaldi therefore flew to his aid to clarify his point: “Too poor! Not enough sorrel!”.

Amélie Bitoun well-known animator of the small screen
Some viewers have recognized the host who began her career in 2005 on the Direct 8 channel. She then presented the programs “Star Six Music”, “Drôle deéveil” and “Absolutely stars” on M6. Amélie Bitoun has also been seen on France 3, on NRJ 12, on D17 or even on the Equidia channel.


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