The end of the war ? On June 25, 2022, Laurent Fontaine attacked Lou Pernaut, the daughter of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. Indeed, the columnist of “TPMP People” who nevertheless says “friend” with the former presenter of the JT of TF1 died on March 2, 2022, was not tender with the young woman on the set of the program broadcast on weekends on C8. He indeed criticized her for being far too present on social networks and not thinking enough about her studies, in addition to “surf the buzz” of the death of his father.

“I was very close to Jean-Pierre Pernaut so it’s complicated to react. […] Lou, you’re adorable, you’re nice, but go study! Bump !”he dropped on the set before weighing: “I’m sorry, but what I see is not very dignified and I think you should, since your father died, calm down the TikToks a bit, go back to school and work”.

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Lou Pernaut attacked by Laurent Fontaine, she responds to him on social networks

A statement which obviously did not fail to react to the main interested party. Tom’s sister, supported by the son of Benjamin Castaldi, then challenged the ex-acolyte of Pascal Bataille to ask him if he was really a friend of his father. Because if that was the case, Laurent Fontaine should have been aware that she was studying architecture and that she had also just completed her second year with flying colors. Apparently not enough for the columnist of “TPMP People”.

A few months later, on September 19, 2022, he again attacked Lou Pernaut in an interview with David Barbet: “Lou Pernaut, whom I don’t know, shows up on Tik Tok saying ‘ah my haters too dudehaunt’ (imitation of Lou Pernaut: editor’s note). I just said stop Tik Tok for her. What Nathalie Marquay Pernaut sent to me was very violent!” By discovering this new attack, the daughter of Nathalie Marquay then replied, in the comments: And he continues on Since then, nothing… or almost nothing. Indeed, this Thursday, March 16, the daughter of Jean-Pierre Pernaut granted an interview to Jordan de Luxe. At the journalist, she took stock of her clash with Laurent Fontaine.

Laurent Fontaine takes it for his rank at Jordan de Luxe

“Oh the cow, but you’re going to give me all the problematic subjects of my ENTIRE life!”she blurted out to the reporter when the subject “TPMP People” was put on the table. “So there TPMP People. You know you’re on C8 Lou? So Matthieu Delormeau, how are you, everything ok?”first asked Jordan de Luxe before Lou Pernaut answered him: Yes I love everyone except LAURENT FONTAINE!”. “He is there (Jordan displays a photo of the columnist: editor’s note)”then laughs Jordan.

So what’s going on with Laurent Fontaine? Because he, he would have put you some…” continues the journalist before being cut off:I am not understood. In fact, let me explain to you, I was in a van with some friends and I see a TikTok video where I am identified a lot of times. A video that made several millions and we see Laurent Fontaine getting high on me. I didn’t understand. Already no one told me that they were going to talk about me and that got me a little drunk. It’s nobody’s fault, maybe that of the production… So yet I love the production of C8 but they can’t warn every time it’s impossible”.

The daughter of Jean-Pierre Pernaut calms the game

But what the daughter of Nathalie Marquay really did not understand is the fact that Laurent Fontaine presents himself as a friend of his father, when she herself would not know him according to his words. “Besides sir, you knew my father well… no you didn’t know him. I had never heard of him, I didn’t know who he was”, assures the young woman.

Even worse for Tom’s sister, the initiative taken by Laurent Fontaine, just five minutes after the death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, which deeply shocked her : “The only times I waited for this gentleman’s name was that, five minutes after my dad died, he called my godmother, who is also my mother’s best friend, her agent, etc. So that my mother is doing an interview to talk about my father’s death”. “But not even five minutes after it was declared. So it’s still crazy to think that the guy wanted so much to surf the buzz of someone’s death and he says that it’s me who surfs on my father’s death…” she clarified. Lou Pernaut regrets that he did not bother to “call him” and discover its “sadness” before talking about her. Despite everything she judges that “all the hate he took” was not necessarily deserved.


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