When we hear “The Body Shop”, we inevitably think of the famous “tea tree” range and its products with fir green dressings that help us fight imperfections. We inevitably think of the “Shea” and “Coconut” ranges with their exquisite scents and their benefits on hydration. Not to mention the “Vitamin C” family, all of whose members are decked out in orange coats, perfect for skin lacking radiance.

Among the best-sellers, there is a make-up remover which has obtained the status of “emblematic product” of the house… so much do consumers crave it. This is of course the famous “Sublime Chamomile Cleansing Butter”! Launched in 2013, the product is one of the brand’s most iconic products, so much so that a jar of this famous butter is sold every 32 seconds around the world!

Why we love it
One might think that the traditional micellar waters are the most attractive, but we see that the “melting butter” format is attracting more and more people. Thanks to the butter, exit the cottons! The formula transforms as if by magic on contact with the skin, just massage the face with your fingertips and sweep over makeup to make it disappear. Then rinse the face with warm water to get rid of makeup residue and impurities accumulated during the day.

> It should be noted that:
– even waterproof make-up is eradicated
– the formula is 100% vegan!
– the chamomile contained in the butter soothes sensitive and tired skin
– the solid format allows you to take it everywhere without risk

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Elizabeth Sal

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