Since the death of Ricardo Fortwho took charge of Felipe and Martita Fort was Gustavo MartinezIn fact, he had signed an agreement in which he would take care of the chocolatier’s children until they reached the age of majority. What was unexpected was that the outcome of the story was that 10 days before the brothers turned 18, Gustavo ended his life.

The relationship between Marta and Felipe Fort went very well, it should be remembered that, in an interview, the young people spoke highly of him and how he was raised:He never punished us or put us in penance, he teaches us values. Sometimes she gets angry, but she expresses it well. As we are very confident, we do not lie to ourselves either. In fact, she sometimes tells me that I am very honest “, Martita assured.

Strong chat from Gustavo Martínez where he said what he had
Gustavo Martínez and the children of Ricardo Fort

On the other hand, Gustavo Martínez’s family demands compensation from Fort’s children. From the Intruders, the lawyer Mauricio D’Alessandro he claimed: “They requested the judicial regulation of the fees of whoever Gustavo Martínez was alive, a figure of many millions.

And continued: “This man worked selflessly for many years and never received a peso. The important thing is that Justice vindicated that task. Gustavo had the right to collect a stipend, but he had never done it, because he understood that they were the boys he had to take care of“, hill.

Felipe Fort: The nephew of Gustavo Martínez, former partner of Ricardo Fort, disowned the young man and assured that the only thing that matters to him is money

One year after the tragic death of Gustavo Martinez, former partner of Ricardo Fort and legal guardian of his children, one of his nephews targeted Felipe and Marta Fort. Pablo Martínez assures that the adolescents were not good people with Gustavo and that his uncle had reasons to take his own life in the same apartment where the twins were.

in conversation with Juan Etchegoyen for Miter Live, Pablo Martínez focused on the discharge that Philip Fort made on his Instagram account, dirtying Gustavo’s reputation once he died. “If I have to give you a definition of the Fort family, I would tell you that they are people without a heart, they don’t feel anything, they are people who think that money is more important than their hearts.” It was the statement of Gustavo’s nephew that impacted the listeners.

In the discharge, the son of Richard she was insensitive to his death, blaming him for “not finishing taking care of us before we turned 18”. “Do you have Gustavo as a good person? After what he did? While Martu and I were in the same apartment“, Felipe had declared.

Marta Fort explained why she continues to live in the house she shared with Gustavo Martínez:
Gustavo Martinez and Martita Fort

These statements angered the family of Gustavo Martinez and decided not to keep silent. “We suffered with Gustavo and we could not believe that he is like this being in a house of millionaires,” Pablo began explaining when he said that his uncle did not have money to pay for his cell phone plan or a pack of cigarettes.

“We wanted to get Gustavo out of there a thousand times, but he didn’t want to leave there because he wanted to stay with the boys until they turned 18,” he explained. Paul stressed that Felipe and Marta Fort They gradually isolated him until they left him out of family plans, such as family vacations to Miami.

Felipe Fort entered into a strong anguish and Marta Fort is destroyed
Felipe Fort and Gustavo Martinez

“Gustavo’s decision to take his life is due to a group of things, due to many factors, having depression, not having money, My uncle lived with the Fort family and he threw himself in their house, He did it for a reason, for a reason he decides what he decides in that place… I think Felipe was very wrong. There we fight for them, you can’t say that when Gustavo raised you…”, concluded the nephew of Gustavo Martinez.


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