The United States Embassy.
The United States Embassy.

Today in the morning, the United States Embassy in Palermo was evacuated after the discovery of a suspicious objecta black backpack found on the access gate on Colombia Avenue.

Thus, the investigation protocol was activated to determine if it contained an explosive device: the Federal Police worked on the scene together with personnel from the 14C Police Station of the City Police.

Shortly thereafter, it was determined that the object did not pose a threat and the Embassy and the surrounding area were declared secure. The backpack turned out to be the property of a woman who was carrying out the visa process inside the Embassy.

A similar episode happened last week. Following an alert, the PFA found an object behind bars, triggering the same protocol to try to determine if it was an explosive.. It turned out to be an old radio.

Earlier this month, a Syrian national was detained at the scene when security forces activated the anti-terrorism protocol of “suspicious persons”

Is about Marwan Khoury, 64, arrested for carrying an allegedly false passport. So he was transferred to Department of the Anti-Terrorism Investigation Unit of the Federal Police (PFA)sources of the investigation explained to infobae. Khoury was next to his son, with whom he did not take temper. In view of the complaint, the PFA Explosives Division had to inspect the vehicle that both left parked on Avenida Del Libertador. Shortly after, he was released. It was determined that the man had an Argentine ID card and an accredited address in Mataderos.

However, he will have to answer before the Justice, with a case in charge of federal judge Daniel Rafecas.

According to sources in the case, it was reported that in July 2021 Khoury started the immigrant visa process with his Syrian passport. “Once he left the consulate, he left his documentation and they continued with the administrative steps typical of any visa. But, when trying to enter the data into the system, an ‘error’ was obtained”, the sources explained.

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