For several years now, Jordan de Luxe has been a hit with his show “At Jordan’s”which became daily on C8 since September 2022. And the channel seems to have been right to bet on the journalist who receives the stars of the 80s or earlier. Every morning, tens of thousands of viewers respond present and even more. Indeed, this Monday, March 13, the journalist recorded a record with more than 100,000 viewers on average when he received Élisabeth Levy, editorial director The Talker.

To congratulate him, Cyril Hanouna therefore chose to invite him to the set of “TPMP” this Tuesday, March 14. The troublemaker of the PAF did not only receive it. In the first part of the daily C8the host wanted to give him a very nice surprise. “My darling, I have a very big surprise for you. I tell you, you are a fan of a singer, she is the greatest. And tonight, Jordan, for your 104,000, for your record, she is there… Mylène Farmer”he launched in front of a Jordan de Luxe dumbfounded by the news.

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Mylène Farmer lands on “TPMP”… but disappoints Jordan de Luxe

Moments after the announcement, “Mylène Farmer” landed on the set to perform her famous title “Without Counterfeit”. Unfortunately for the journalist, it was not his idol. “You are not Mylène Farmer at all…”, he launched to the look-alike of the singer, a bit disappointed after his interpretation. Before specifying that the “real Mylène” is “born in 1961, she, she was not born in 1961, she is much younger. You are not Mylène Farmer Madame”.

Worried about hurting her, Jordan de Luxe still wanted to qualify his remarks. And quickly assured that, despite everything, the lookalike of Mylène Farmer is “very pretty”. “I’m Armelle, I came for you from Cherbourg”specified the artist who, by his words, seems to have convinced the host of “At Jordan’s”. “Ah, then you are MY Mylène Farmer”, he finally admitted. A surprise that still pleased him.


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