For Tania, the days followed each other without looking alike on the island of Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire. Holder of the precious protective talisman during the third episode, she lost it at the start of the fourth broadcast this Tuesday on TF1. The 22-year-old dietician from Ile-de-France also underwent the recomposition of the teams which saw her switch to the new red tribe and questioned her strategies. In the end, she was eliminated during the council…

You didn’t expect to be eliminated at this advice?

All day, I was serene. Rudy kept telling me that I had to trust him. Arrived at the council, my intuition told me: “Tania, you go out. And that, even before we vote. The count proved to me that I had been right.

You resented Rudy?

At the moment, a little bit. But I figured he did it to protect himself. If he couldn’t save me, there had been a turnaround. It’s difficult when you have the whole team on your back.

Does the fact of assuming your good understanding in the eyes of others, when you were not part of the same team, not harm you?

Yes. When there are strong affinities from the beginning in Koh Lanta, the others often wish to break them. That’s what happened. Rudy and I made no secret of our good understanding from day one and that scared our teams.

Did the recomposition of the teams destabilize you?

Yes, especially since with the ex-yellows, we were on a very good dynamic. We began to understand how to solidify the cohesion of the group, we reaped victories, everything was linked together rather well. In the knockout round [au début de l’épisode], we saw that the yellows all finished very quickly. After the reorganization of the teams, I was more mixed, but I was still happy to find myself with Rudy and Esteban with whom I had formed an alliance. I thought it would allow me to go further.

What prevented this?

In my opinion, it fell apart because of Anne-Sophie. She didn’t want to follow our strategy to Esteban, Rudy and me. She turned around and went to see the ex-yellows, Frédéric, Quentin and Clément to establish another strategy of which, it seems to me, Helena was part.

If you could change one thing about your adventure, what would you do differently?

Nothing. I had an atypical career, which was not easy. If I had to do one thing differently it would be not to trust Rudy so much. I should have asked him what strategy he wanted to put in place with his strategic weapon because, with two brains, we always think better.

You are a dietitian. Does it help when you participate in “Koh-Lanta”?

Yes, because I left with four extra pounds, just to dig into my reserves. I never felt any weakness. I was tired like everyone else, but I didn’t think about abandonment or about the good food I was going to prepare when I got back… I was coping pretty well with the lack of food. I drank a lot, I had to be at six or seven liters of water a day. It kept me from being hungry.

Anything else to add?

I’m glad my knee held up. I had fractured my tibial plateau a few weeks before the shoot, so I was on crutches. I should have kept them for two months, I decided to give them up to participate in Koh Lanta. I could very well have gone on an event and lost my knee. My greatest pride is that my body managed to hold on.

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