Leo Mattei is back. On April 6, 2023, the commander of the minors’ brigade will be back on TF1 for a very special new season. Indeed, it has been 10 years since the episodes of the series created by Michel Alexandre, Yann Le Gal and Jean-Luc Reichmann have been linked together on the first channel. In order to celebrate this event as it should, a 5-star cast has therefore been assembled. Among the actors present in this umpteenth adventure: Lorie Pester, Firmine Richard, Juliette Tresanini, Rebecca Benhamour, Xavier Deluc, Estelle Lefébure, Jérémie Benstar, Stéphane Hénon, Philippe Bas, but also and above all Mimie Mathy.

“We did not skimp on the means to celebrate this anniversary with dignity! This season, it’s a firework of guests! For the occasion, we surrounded ourselves with close people, friends who wish everything how we carry out this project by doing prevention for children”thus confided the host of 12 strokes of noon to our colleagues from TF1. An interview during which the companion Nathalie Lecoultre also discussed in more detail his collaboration with the star of Josephine, guardian angel.

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Mimie Mathy in tears at the end of filming

“It was not easy to find a niche to bring him into the minors protection brigade, but we succeeded”first explained Jean-Luc Reichmann before adding: “I am very happy that my big sister will also become that of Léo Mattéï! It was totally improbable to find myself ‘in bed with Mimie Mathy!’ comical, but above all enormous and many fits of laughter”.

Accomplices on the screen as in real life, the famous presenter also evoked a particularly touching moment of the passage of Mimie Mathy in Léo Matteï, miners’ brigade. The latter would have burst into tears in the arms of her sidekick at the end of the shoot. “It is true that our bond is felt because I think that we are on the screen as we are in life, two friends who really speak to each other. It is screaming of truth, complicity and friendship. The last day filming, Mimie burst into tears in my arms saying to me: ‘Thank you thank you thank you, and if my character can come back, it will be with the greatest pleasure my Jean-Luc’. An emotion like no other”. Touching confidences.


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