Lali Esposito He broke a new record in his musical career by filling the Vélez Stadium, but it should be noted that nothing was left to chance in his show. The interpreter of “Discipline” prepared for months to give her best on that stage.

In the last few hours, a video has come to light showing one of the rehearsals of Lali Esposito with his dancers. This is one of the instrumental moments in which she does a performance including Michael Jackson’s moonwalk.

Historical Lali Espósito: she filled a Vélez and became the first Argentine woman to do so
Lali in Velez.

In the images you can see the comparison of the rehearsal and the staging in Vélez. Beyond the fact that on stage it is evident that she feels confident in what she is doing, it is impossible not to notice the attitude that the artist adds when she is in front of the fans.

Chewing gum, with firm movements and a sure look, lali displayed all his skill in the unforgettable show. There were many hours of non-stop rehearsal to achieve the result that the public that was present on March 4 in Vélez could finally enjoy.

Who is Rels B, the rapper who conquered Lali Esposito

Relays B achieved popularity in Argentina, once his hit Cómo dormiste was known, where he appears Lali Esposito.

His real name is Daniel Vidal is a 29-year-old Spanish rapper, composer and music producer. His first job appeared on YouTube 10 years ago, and he went by the nickname Rels Beats back then.

Relays B
relays b.

But it wasn’t until 2019 that he became better known with his singles. Far from You and Me, those that exceeded 100 million views.

The musician released six albums throughout his career, including Player Hater (2015), Boys Don’t Cry (2016), Unpublished (2017), Flakk Daniel’s LP (2018), Happy Birthday Flakko (2019), La Isla LP (2020) and Smile Bix (2022).

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