Each week, Cyril Hanouna rubs his hands on his audiences with “Do not touch My TV”. This Tuesday, March 14, he wanted to congratulate those of Jordan de Luxe with his flagship show “At Jordan’s” now broadcast on C8. On the air, Lino and Bianca’s dad encouraged him to ask countless indiscreet questions to his columnists. Thus, the main interested party questioned Géraldine Maillet about her mysterious salary.

“I am not paid in salary, I am paid in Jordan invoice”, explained the author in all sincerity. To which his interlocutor replied: “In invoice? How much is it approximately per month?”. “I would have to ask the manager of my company, I will tell you next time”, underlined the latter. And to add: “But I am paid less than Matthieu Delormeau, less than Benjamin Castaldi, less than Bernard Montiel”.

But obviously, Jordan de Luxe had already conducted his little investigation on his side. “About 800 euros per issue”, blurted out the reporter. “It must be around that yes”, confirmed the ex-model. “Ah, he is strong”, underlined Cyril Hanouna, admiringly. After Géraldine Maillet, his guest wanted to know more about the sentimental situation of Raymond Aabou.

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“I knew her in kindergarten…”

For several years, the essential delivery man has been making perfect love with a woman named Stéphanie, who is also the mother of his children. “How long have you been together?” wondered Jordan de Luxe. “I knew her in kindergarten”, indicated the columnist of Cyril Hanouna. “Have you ever swerved?” added the presenter of “At Jordan’s”.

An indiscretion which had the merit of disturbing Raymond Aabou. “He’s a bastard!” replied the principal concerned before launching to the star of the PAF: “That’s your boyfriend (…). No, there is no difference. But he is good, because he really puts people in confidence…”. A good quality that allows him to perform on the air every day!


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