Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are currently promoting “Murder Mustery 2” which will be available from March 22 on Netflix. The first part of this detective comedy having been a resounding success, the cast decided to return for new adventures where Audrey and Nick Spritz take us this time to Paris when they have just launched their own detective agency.

And it is the program “C à vous” broadcast on France 5 that they have chosen to present the film in France. This Wednesday March 15, 2023, they therefore answered questions from Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, who was happy to receive them. Adam Sandler then explained why, according to him, his colleague is so adored in the world: “Jennifer is really someone very authentic, beautiful, intelligent… When I walk around with her, there is not a single person who notice me, everyone is looking at this beautiful woman!”. A sequence which has also caused a lot of ink to flow since the appearance of Jennifer Aniston surprised viewers.

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Adam Sandler rebuffs Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine live
Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine took advantage of the presence of Jennifer Aniston to return to the role that has followed her for decades, that of Rachel in the series “Friends”: “For a long time to come we will call you Rachel and for a long time to come we will ask you if you had broken up…” she launched, referring to Rachel’s relationship with Ross, another key character in the series. For years, Jennifer Aniston claimed in the press that Rachel and Ross were on “break” but no one ever knew the truth.

The host then tried to get Adam Sandler’s opinion: “Are you more Team Rachel or Team Ross on this one?”. To which the comedian replied: “I’m sitting next to Jennifer so I’m not going to tell you otherwise. They had broken up! But I remember that he was very in love with her but he made a mistake …”.


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