Argentine journalist Martin Mazur revealed that Al Hilal club coach Ramon Diaz will take care of his grandson Milo until the Argentine Public Prosecutor takes a decision on the manslaughter charge against Michael Diaz.

And Aban Mazur said in an interview with “In the Goal”: Michael Diaz is being treated in hospital, as he will undergo surgery after suffering a broken foot.

He added: The public prosecutor collects evidence, including alcohol testing and other routine procedures, and the charge of manslaughter is preliminary. It is impossible to confirm whether Diaz’s son was using the phone before the accident, and Ramon Diaz will remain in Argentina to attend the funeral, while Michael will not be able to.

Mazur added: Michael’s wife has no siblings after her brother died in a car accident in 2005.

He concluded by explaining the importance of Ramon remaining in Argentina, saying: Ramon Diaz will be the person responsible for taking care of Milo, Michael’s son, until a final decision is made by the public prosecutor about Diaz’s son, if he is imprisoned.

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