COEN recommendations

– If you have a house with a mat roof, protect it with plastic or cement bags, giving it a slope for water drainage.

– If you live near a riverbed, have bags of earth or sand to prevent water from entering.

– Keep the roof of your house clear and protect the roof with a layer of concrete, with a slope towards the water discharge duct.

– Support the relocation of families located in the lower parts or in the beds of dry rivers.

– It is necessary to gain height as soon as possible and move away from the riverbeds and slopes of the rivers due to possible overflows or floods.

– Keep in mind that landslides, mudflows and landslides can be accelerated during heavy rains.

– If you are driving, slow down, take precautions and do not stop in areas where large amounts of water can flow.

– With the advice of the Civil Defense authorities, they can make a drain or channel, with spikes and lamps so that rainwater runs as far as possible through the center of the street and not through the facades. If the street has asphalt, just let the rainwater run.

– Do not uncover the mailboxes and protect the drainage pipes.

– Rainwater with mud should not enter the mailboxes or the drains of your house.

– Do not cross the flooded sections with your vehicle or on foot.

damage assessment

The Disaster Risk Management offices of the municipalities of Ancón, Pucusana, Punta Hermosa, Punta Negra, San Bartolo and Santa María del Mar began the Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis (EDAN – Peru) after the heavy rains registered during the the night of Tuesday 14 and the early morning of March 15, the same ones that activated the ravines (Quebradillo, dry river, innocent, Huaycoloro 1 and 2, Río Seco 1 and 2, Quirio, Malanche, Jicamarca, among others).

As a consequence of this, and according to the rapid assessment of damages, So far, 39 affected homes and 20 uninhabitable, 154 people affected and 67 homeless, as well as 1780 meters of road affected have been registered.

River level and flow

The Crisnejas River (Cajamarca) It reduced its flow, but it maintains the Red hydrological threshold. At 06:00 hours it recorded 323.65 m3/s. at the station of the same name. His behavior is downward.

The Marañón River It continues at the Red hydrological threshold, registering at 09:00 today 3762.37 m3/s at the Corral Quemado station (Amazonas), while at the Balsas control point (Cajamarca) it reported 2163.44 m3/s. It’s on the decline.

The Chicama River (La Libertad) registered at 06:00 today a flow of 201.71 m3/s. at the Salinar station. Its behavior is descending and remains at the Red hydrological threshold.

The Piura River (Piura) its flow decreased at the Tambogrande station and reported at 08:00 hours 1337.64 m3/s. It remains in the Orange hydrological threshold and its behavior is descending. Meanwhile, at the Puente Ñacara control point, at the same time, it reported 442.82 m3/s, with no alert level.

Rainy conditions for today

For today, Wednesday, March 15, they are expected accumulated rainfall with values ​​close to 40 mm/day in the northern sierra, around 20 mm/day in the central sierra and values ​​above 15 mm/day in the southern sierra. In addition, on the coast, records of over 30 mm/day are expected in Tumbes and Piura, close to 20 mm/day in Lambayeque and La Libertad, over 4 mm/day in Áncash, close to 2 mm/day. in Lima and in districts far from the Ica coast, accumulations of over 6 mm/day would be expected.

24 ports along the entire coast They are closed as a preventive measure in the presence of waves of light and moderate intensity, valid until March 16.

Ports closed due to rains in Peru
Ports closed due to rains in Peru

Cyclone Yaku: Callao Monumental Zone at risk due to heavy rains

Regional Governor Ciro Castillo warned that 25,000 people are at risk and more than 5,000 homes could collapse at any time.

Cyclone Yaku: Callao Monumental Zone at risk due to heavy rains
Cyclone Yaku: Callao Monumental Zone at risk due to heavy rains

The influence of Cyclone Yaku It is wreaking havoc in the northern and central coastal regions of the country with the overflow of rivers, activation of ravines, landslides, floods, and landslides. This situation is leaving hundreds of people affected and homeless, as well as injured and deceased, in addition to material damage to homes and the infrastructure of national roads.

President Dina Boluarte announces the new measures

1. Accreditation of the person in charge of Civil Defense in the municipalities.

2. We will promote a social housing program, in addition to Techo Propio.

3. Several districts south of Lima have been declared an emergency, but also in southern Peru.

4. The MEF will give Defense a budget to buy helicopters. In addition, a budget for maintenance of the 24 that we have in the Armed Forces.

5. On Friday we will launch With Punche Peru Solidarity, where the private sector stands up. We will make a crusade of support at the national level, especially in the affected regions. 6. We are attentive to every request from mayors and governors.

President Dina Boluarte announces the measures taken today in the Council of Ministers | tv peru

Flooded school in Chosica

Chosica School is flooded by rain | tv peru

Huaico in the Panamericana Sur

The fall of a mudslide on the Panamericana Sur highway at kilometer 340, at the entrance to the Pinillo sector in the Ocucaje district, Ica province, partially interrupts vehicular traffic

Andean Agency /Genry Bautista
Andean Agency /Genry Bautista
Andean Agency /Genry Bautista
Andean Agency /Genry Bautista
Andean Agency /Genry Bautista
Andean Agency /Genry Bautista
Andean Agency /Genry Bautista
Andean Agency /Genry Bautista

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