A harsh penalty was imposed on Charles Leclerc, the driver of the Ferrari team competing in the Formula 1 World Championship, by dropping 10 places in the Saudi Grand Prix next Sunday.

This penalty comes because the driver of the Principality of Monaco exceeded the components of the electronic control unit in the energy of his car.

Leclerc’s car had already undergone changes in the control unit before the start of the season-opening race, which took place in Bahrain earlier this month, forcing him to withdraw from the competition.

Ferrari stated that its officials are now in the process of changing the control unit again, which leads to the imposition of a penalty where only two electronic components are allowed to control each season.

“We have found the cause of the problem that stopped Charles in Bahrain and we will use a third control unit in his car, which means we will be penalized,” Ferrari boss Frederic Vasseur said on Wednesday.

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