The son of the sertanejo singer Solimões, Gabeu, have fun your followers Twitter to comment on a story of his father about his sexual orientation in the early hours of this fourth fair (15/3).

When sharing a video where the backcountry man appears saying that he knows that he has been gay since he was 9 years old and that he does not treat him differently because of it, Gabeu writes: “He does not treat me differently for being gay, but I know I miss a verse from someone Millionaire and José Rico I am expelled from home”. confirm:

In a recent interview for André Piuti, Solimões remembered the moment in which his son Gabriel revealed his sexual orientation. “Eu e Gabriel, not the time that we viralized in the social networks, we threw a lot of people out of the closet. Many people will send a message saying that we did not talk with the country, like my brother, and now we talk ”, he pointed out.

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The moment as the son was greatly appreciated and respected. Solimões is the biggest promoter of the career of Gabeu, Gabriel’s artistic name, which is two representatives of the LGBTQIA+ musical movement of the sertanejo.

“Being able to contribute in a positive way to the development of other people makes this moment even more special”, continued the singer.

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