Fernanda Paes Leme Virou business in the social networks in this fourth fair (15/3), after telling an unusual story in the program What story is this, Porchat?, do GNT. Ela revealed that she passed a dog to lock her apartment in her apartment Renato Goesafter spending a night with the speaker.

“I have had a casino like Renato, so it was a revival. We went to the apartment at dawn, we were ‘talking’. He was working [de manhã] And I stayed asleep to later tan the official day of my anniversary”, began Fernanda.

Atriz told even that on the previous night, atriz had celebrated her 33-year anniversary on a boat in Rio. “I was practically kidnapped, in a private jail on my anniversary. I was not the first to walk and it was tinha uma janela in the room where I slept, more with grade. My cell phone was without battery. I began to open drawers to find a charger. I began to depress, on the day of my anniversary… we saw several signs that my year would be very rude ”, she added.

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She revealed that she asked for help from the vizinha and resolved to tell Janela of the estate: “I felt like a Tomb Raider. I wanted to go out to the door of her house. I climbed and she [a vizinha] all careful… She was used to it, it was oitava [mulher] What did Renato turn on?

It is worth noting that currently Fenrnada is the girlfriend of Victor Sampaio and Renato Góes is also married to the mother Thaila Ayala.

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