Fabio Porchat Reveal the details of the reason that they raised Marriage of oito anos with Nataly Mega ao fim. The marriage was announced or divorced in January of this year after he understood that he did not want to be a father.

“Since or beginning [do relacionamento], she falou: ‘If I didn’t want to be a child, now fale that people are no longer together’. Eu falava: ‘let’s go, let’s go,’”, told the comedian in an interview with the newspaper O Globo.

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He explained to him that they cannot be born in natural forms and that they have frozen an embryo for the future. But, when the situation came close to becoming real, he perceived what he really wanted. “I only thought: ‘boy, I don’t know I want this in my life’.”

“Everyone always gets paid, because things follow the natural order. Many people say: ‘But you would be a good father’. I don’t have doubts, but I don’t have interest. E aí, falavam: ‘Você diz isso now, já já vai querer’. I answered: ‘You’re not understanding, I don’t want to’”, she said.

Fábio Porchat revealed that when he went to take this question to therapy, to try to understand he felt afraid of being a father. But he perceives that no. “Not the end of the year, he said to Nataly ‘You’re delicious, I’m strange’, and she replied ‘I don’t want to be my son’. We have a crise de choro”, lembrou or presenter.

Or that it was an impasse in the first moment, I ended up taking the relationship from the house to the end.

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