Caroline Ferraz remembered the death of his father, Ladislau Noel Ferraz, during a conversation with Otaviano Costa. Atriz, now 55 years old, commented on how the mourning process was after losing.

“I was terrifying. I am glad that because I am new to my house, I was able to suffer. I freaked out, chorei, I was terrible. Demorei to overcome or mourning. I lived for a long time in mourning ”, she told during the participation in Otalab.

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When he lost his father, who was assassinated with six shots, CaRolina is barely 14 years old. Still young, she has difficulties understanding the emotions involved, no matter what.

“I was a teenager and it was difficult to understand this process of mourning and mourning. I lived in mourning and it was transformative to know that people can feel pain and that the only way to overcome pain is to live here ”, she explained.

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