Rio de Janeiro

the output of Larissa Santos of BBB 23 it is still the subject inside the house. Surprised by the elimination, the sister’s allies are looking for an explanation and those who are not satisfied with the result are fred. in conversation with Aline Wirley It is Amanda Meirelles, her brother vented, assumed her indignation and complained. “This isn’t for me.”

“The Fred [Nicácio] it went out. Before he left, Larissa went there and told him everything. It was a move of hers to call Key in the Game of Discord… she messed up the game, the house, so there wasn’t enough time for Fred to do anything. Fred is out. Then, in the sequence, she made clear her clash with Key, who left. And now she’s gone, bro? It doesn’t make sense to me!”, She analysed.

The brother did not stop there. Fred said he didn’t recognize any attitude that might have been wrong from the Physical Education teacher over the last few days. He assumed that he prefers to be eliminated, since the public does not agree with Larissa – your biggest partner. “But if the decision of Brazil prefers that these attitudes that the people there had are better than the ones they had? This is not for me, really”, she shot.

The journalist pointed out that he may not be completely right or completely wrong. “It’s also a lot about ‘What are they seeing out there’. We thought a lot alike. We spent 4 weeks thinking together, thinking alike, everything was right. Then in a [semana] and is everything wrong? Hard, it’s hard,” she said.

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