Rio de Janeiro

The Big Fone played this Wednesday afternoon (15) and did not bring any bombs to the participants of the BBB 23. In fact, he announced the entry of Dania mendez in a portunhol that even scared Cezar Black. “It was a prank. Go to the expulsion door right now and wait for a surprise”, the nurse told the brothers on the lawn in disbelief.

Only it wasn’t a prank. Soon after, a new participant appeared at the door of the house and the entry of the Mexican from La Casa dos Famosos in the tenth week of the game surprised the participants. Suspicious, they tried to get the first information from the brunette, who insisted on greeting one by one the brothers and sisters still on the lawn. Dania was immediately charmed by shoe face and praised the MMA fighter’s physique: “It’s great!”

Anyone who didn’t like the Mexican’s open flirtation with Cara de Sapato was Amanda Meirelles. The doctor sensed that she was going to have problems with the game from now on and soon wanted to know about Dania. “Did they tell you how long you’re going to stay here? Just so we know…”, asked the sister, already making it clear that she didn’t like the new participant.

In Spanish, Domitila Barros took the opportunity to ask if the visitor is really doing an exchange program in Brazil and is not competing with them, and Dania confirmed that she continues to play in the Mexican reality. The woman from Pernambuco joked about her interest in Cara de Sapata and the brothers, then, started to clap and ship the fighter with the model. “It has my approval,” snapped Amanda.

Dania is originally from Jalisco and currently lives in Mexico City. An influencer with more than 3 million followers on Instagram and 4 million on TikTok, she rose to fame after participating in two seasons of MTV’s reality show Acapulco Shore. Now, the model is part of the cast of La Casa de Los Famosos 3.” Dania has already appeared in the clip “Más de la Una”, by Maluma with Piso 21.

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